Kathariya Mokrue, PhD  is the director of the Stressless@York program.  She is an associate professor at York College and a licensed clinical psychologist.




Current Team Members (2016-2017)

Reena Maharaj is a Psychology major at York College and a co-facilitator of the Stressless Workshop. She is interested in the role of stress and pro-inflammatory cytokines in psychophysiological functioning; and the practices that promote a healthy mind-body connection such as Mindfulness Meditation, anti-inflammatory diets, exercise and expressions of creativity. After completing her undergraduate studies, she plans to pursue postgraduate studies in Clinical/Health Psychology.




Past Team Members 



 Raisa Hasan, B.A. recently graduated from York college with a major in psychology. She has a deep personal interest in mindfulness meditation. After graduating she plans on pursuing her a Psy.D. degree and advance access and interventions that draw upon mindfulness-based stress reduction.






Rose Deng, B.A.  recently graduated from York College. Her interests include: cognitive and neural functions affecting behavior; the different types of treatments available for mental illnesses; addictive behaviors caused by underlining emotional and psychological factors.  Rose plans to pursue a doctorate degree in neuro-psychology or similar fields.








Christie Nicholas, B.A.  completed her Bachelor’s degree in psychology.  She is currently enrolled in the City College’s Pre-Medicine program.  Christie has a deep passion for mental and physical health.   She plans on pursuing a medical degree and practicing holistic medicine.  



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Anila Persaud, B.A.  completed her second bachelors degree at York College in Childhood Education.  Anila is currently earning a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling at Long Island University.  When she completes her program, she plans on pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  Her areas of interest include immigration status and academic achievement.    



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Daisy Tan, B.A.   graduated from York College in Spring 2013 majoring in Psychology and minoring in Visual Arts. Because of her interests in both psychology and art, she is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Art Therapy and Counseling in Long Island University C.W. Post. In the long run, she plans to pursue a Phd degree in Clinical Psychology to combine her practice as a psychologist and as an art therapist. Her areas of interest is understanding the effects of different art interventions that can benefit people with anxiety and mood disorders. In addition, she was not only a team member, but also a participant of the Stress Less Workshop to learn different interventions to control and decrease her anxiety.  Update:  The Stressless@York Team congratulates Daisy on her completion of her Masters degree in Art Therapy.  Congratulations Daisy!  

Kellieann Jatta, B.A. recently graduated from York College in the psychology major.  Kellieann will continue her studies in Mental Health Counseling at Brooklyn College.

Zohaira Castillo

Manny Ramirez

Lauralee Parham, B.A. graduated from York College in 2013 as a psychology major.  

Ariela Florentino, B.A. is currently a student pursing a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.  Update:  Our team is proud to congratulate Ariela on completing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling degree.  Way to go Ariela!!

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