Stressless@York is a mindfulness informed, cognitive behavioral skills-building research program developed by Dr. Kathariya Mokrue, Assistant Professor at York College.   The mission of Stressless@York is to provide the college community with an evidence-based approach in managing daily and life stress.

The impetus for the program stems from two undisputed facts:  1-  There are interventions and approaches proven to reduce common symptoms of anxiety and depression in clinical settings.  2-  Many people who can benefit from these approaches never receive them.   Hence, there is unnecessary suffering by many.  This disparity and unmet mental health needs disproportionately affect ethnic minority populations.

Drawing from her years of experience as a cognitive behavioral therapist in the areas of anxiety and mood disorders, Dr. Mokrue developed a four-part curriculum with tools proven to be effective in clinical research trials.   These tools have been carefully selected and modified to be delivered in a small-group setting.  Currently, the research program is open to York College students during Fall and Spring semesters.




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